Winners of HRH The price of Wales Carbon Positive Awards 2009
Eco Paint - Nutshell Natural Paints
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Thermo Emulsion
Janey Lee Grace

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Nutshell Natural Paints
Eco and Environmentally Friendly Paint

News - Nutshell Paints is a DEBI Finalist!

Nutshell Natural Paints were again rewarded for their outstanding green efforts at the 19th Devon Environmental Business Initiative (DEBI) awards. We are delighted to have been awarded runners-up. Once again Nutshell Natural Paints has demonstrated how they have maintained their position of innovative environmental pioneers.

New products

Nutshell is proud to announce the addition of three new environmentally friendly paint products:

Thermo Emulsion a revolutionary internal and external emulsion paint that reflects heat, is moisture resistant, and insulates.

Aqua Gloss, Satin & Undercoat a new improved formulation.

Super Eco Exterior Emulsion a hard-wearing emulsion for demanding external environments in white and a range of colours.


Kirstie Champions Nutshell Natural Paints

Kirstie Allsopp

Channel 4 Presenter and leading light, Kirstie Allsopp, is on a mission to transform a dilapidated country cottage in Devon into the ultimate “homemade” home with everything in it, made solely in the UK. And her chosen paints for this, her latest venture, are none other than our very own “Nutshell Natural Paints”, supplied directly from our West Country Factory.

Our emulsions, satins and wood finishes feature throughout the stunning property, which has grown to be a shinning example of how to reuse and recycle all manner of objects in an eco-friendly way.

For more images of this beautiful home and to see just how Nutshell’s paints, stains and wood finishes have brought this neglected, tired property back to life, please click here

Just to let you know that the paint stripper is an excellent product and I am so pleased with it I wish I'd bought this weeks ago as it would have saved me a lot of hard work. Will be recommending to all friends and family. Thank you.



Facts about VOC Free paints

The NUTSHELL experience will leave your body and mind relaxed, your conscience clear and will allow your lungs and wall to breath freely. NUTSHELL products, excluding Thermo Emulsion, are completely free from vinyl resins and harmful petrochemical solvents (VOC). NUTSHELL emulsion paints are completely emission neutral and allergy free. With no toxic fumes rooms can be painted and slept in the same day and are totally safe for children's rooms and nurseries.

Read how the reduction of harmful VOC content of paint can be benifical to the health of you and your family at the NHS Choices website. The Health and Saftey Executive website (HSE) has a lot of information about the hazards of using "normal" solvent based paints and the fumes they give off during the drying process - try searching for "paint fumes".


Additional Information :

Eco paint

Our range of products have been designed to be friendly to the environment and the people living in it. In addition to keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum by the use of efficient manufacturing processes and natural raw materials, we do not use volatile organic compounds in our paints. Many commercial paints contain high levels of these carbon-based compounds which have not only been found to be detrimental to people’s health but also contribute to global warming. Our commitment to protecting the environment runs through the entire lifespan of our products and includes the manufacturing, packaging and disposal of everything that we sell. Whilst it is good to feel that you are helping to minimise mankind’s effect on the environment this is certainly not the only reason to choose our eco friendly interior paint. Because they are produced with natural ingredients there are no harmful chemicals released into the atmosphere when they are applied to the walls of your house. This means that it is perfectly safe to sleep in a room on the same day it has been painted. Not only is this more convenient than conventional paints but it is also reassuring for families with young children.

Economically sound

Owing to the fact that rooms do not need to be vacated whilst being painted with our emulsions, they are ideal for commercial enterprises who wish to redecorate offices and warehouses with minimum disruption to their daily business. Staff can happily carry on working with no danger to their health whilst their workspace is being painted. Many companies have chosen ecos paint products for this very reason. It also helps to maintain a good corporate image and can be part of a companywide plan to avoid damaging the environment. The range of soothing colour pigments that our paints are available in is also conducive to a relaxing area in which to work. Firms can often overlook the effect that colour schemes can have on the mood of their employees but with our paints it is easy to create a pleasant feel to almost any space. The excellent coverage that our emulsions provide also makes them an economical choice for painting large surface areas and their non-drip quality means there is minimal wastage. Due to the many benefits outlined above, more and more companies across the United Kingdom are switching to environmentally friendly paint and other products made by our company.

Energy efficiency

Despite our success in producing a range of high quality paints from natural raw materials we have no intention of resting on our laurels. New products are constantly being developed and one of the most exciting ones for 2010 is our Nano emulsion. In addition to not giving of harmful fumes during application it utilises nanotechnology to increase the thermal efficiency of rooms in which it is used. Without getting too bogged down in the technical details, the nature of the paint reflects thermal radiation, reduces the transfer of heat through walls by up to 4 times when compared to other paints and is water repellent as well. This kind of innovative technology is what makes us the best choice for eco paint suppliers that can be found online when looking to buy top quality products. What this new paint means for our customers is that during the summer rooms can be kept cooler more easily and during the winter you will need to use less heating to maintain a comfortable temperature. This results in a smaller carbon footprint for your company as less energy is expended on air conditioning and heating equipment. It also inhibits condensation and mould growth.

Artistic results

The colour washes and oil glazes that we produce can be mixed with our selection of earth and mineral pigments to create a range of stunning effects. Because the colour wash is a clear medium it means that strong colours appear more vibrant than when mixed with white paint. As specialist paint suppliers we provide full product information sheets that can be downloaded from our site so that customers are familiar with the qualities and possibilities that our products offer. The best way to use a colour wash is to first paint your walls with a white emulsion and then apply the wash over the top, mixed with the pigment of your choice. The use of rags or sponges to apply the wash allows you to achieve a textured effect if desired. Our transparent oil glaze can be used in a similar manner and mixed with pigments before being applied over a coat of emulsion. It results in a durable surface that is easy to wash, making it perfect for busy areas like restaurants and bars that wish to use environmental friendly paint and frequently need to clean their walls. The glaze is made from a selection of plant oils.


It is all very well having paints made from natural raw materials at your disposal but before starting on any redecoration project a certain amount of preparation is always necessary. It would be a shame if during this time you had to resort to using harmful chemicals, so we also have products to assist you in removing existing paint and varnish without harming the environment. In common with our whole range, these products are not only less hazardous than those of many of our competitors but they are also extremely effective. Preparing surfaces for painting is not most people’s favourite part of redecorating but with the help of our eco friendly paint stripper it becomes a much easier task. It has a gel-like consistency which means that it sticks to surfaces well, even ceilings. With just a single application it is possible to remove up to five coats of paint and it is easy to remove afterwards owing to the fact that it is a water-based product. When using it to remove varnish you can also rest assured that it will not result in any discolouring of the wood underneath and, like our paints, does not give off poisonous fumes.

A helping hand

As mentioned earlier, there are information sheets on all of our products that can be downloaded for free which offer helpful advice on how to use them in order to achieve the best possible results. Being as we are a natural paint company they also list the materials used in the manufacturing process and if you are looking for a paint store that stocks our products then we have details of these on our website too. If there are none in your area then ordering online is a simple process and perfectly safe using our secure payment facility. We accept all major credit cards as well as cheques and cash. When starting on a decorating project it can be hard to come up with ideas for colour schemes that everybody likes. With this in mind we have an inspiration section on our site where you can find pictures of rooms that have been painted with our products that should hopefully get your creative juices flowing. We firmly believe that for eco paints UK residents will not find a better supplier of natural products and are completely happy to provide a refund for goods that are found to have any defects.

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